TRACER is a suite of 700 algorithms, whose features can be combined to create the optimal formula for detecting those words, sentences and ideas that have been reused across texts. Created by Marco Büchler, TRACER is designed to facilitate research in text reuse detection and many have made use of it to identify plagiarism in a text, as well as verbatim and near verbatim quotations, paraphrase and even allusions. The thousands of feature combinations that TRACER supports allow to investigate not only contemporary texts, but also complex historical texts where reuse is harder to spot.

TRACER is language-independent and has been successfully tested on: Ancient Greek, Arabic, Coptic, English, German, Hebrew, Latin and Tibetan.

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Award Nomination

TRACER was nominated for the DH Awards 2016 in the ‘Best DH Tool or Suite of Tools’ category.


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A (free) copy of TRACER can be requested and downloaded. With it, you should also download the USER MANUAL, which provides information on how to set-up and run TRACER.
The manual is a work in progress.

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