GDDH 2015




GDDH seminars are regularly advertised on Twitter via the #gddh15 hashtag, with flyers in various UniGöttingen locations and via the main UniGöttingen event portal.
Below is the 2015 programme. Information about the seminar rooms is available here. Pictures of the speakers can be viewed in our Gallery.

Day Title Speaker(s) Affiliation Slides
April 21 Diachronic trends in Homeric translations Yuri Bizzoni, Angelo Del Grosso, Marianne Reboul University of Pisa, Italy Download PDF [1MB]
April 28 Visualizing the Results of Search Queries on Ancient Text Corpora with Tag Pies Stefan Jänicke, Judith Blumenstein, Michaela Rücker, Dirk Zeckzer, Gerik Scheuermann Universität Leipzig, Germany Download PDF [11.2MB]
May 5 Release of the MySQL-based implementation of the CTS protocol Jochen Tiepmar Universität Leipzig, Germany Download PDF [1.8MB]
May 12 Exploratory Search Through Visual Analysis of Topic Models Patrick Jähnichen, Patrick Oesterling, Tom Liebmann, Christoph Kurras, Gerik Scheuermann, Gerhard Heyer Universität Leipzig, Germany Download PDF [7MB]
May 19 Topic Modeling Dramatic Genre Christof Schöch Universität Würzburg, Germany Download PDF [9.1MB]
May 26 Some principles for making of collaborative scholarly editions in digital form Peter Robinson University of Saskatchewan, Canada Download PDF [6.8MB]
June 2 »Arme Nachlassverwalter…« Herausforderungen, Erkenntnisse und Lösungsansätze bei der Aufbereitung komplexer digitaler Datensammlungen Jürgen Enge, Heinz Werner Kramski, Susanne Holl HAWK Hildesheim, Germany Download PDF [5MB]
June 9 A Historical Geographic Information System (HGIS) of Nubia based on the William J. Bankes Archive (1815-1822) Daniele Salvoldi Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Download PDF [3.8MB]
June 16 Comparing Disciplinary Patterns: Gender and Social Networks in the Humanities through the Lens of Scholarly Communication Daniel Burckhardt HU Berlin, Germany Download HTML [9MB]
June 23 Automated Pattern Analysis in Gesture Research: Similarity Measuring in 3D Motion Capture Models of Co-Speech Gesture Daniel Schüller, Christian Beecks, Marwan Hassani, Jennifer Hinnell, Bela Brenger, Thomas Seidl, Irene Mittelberg RWTH Aachen University, Germany; University of Alberta, Canada Not available for download
June 30 Reconstructing a website’s lost past – Methodological issues concerning the history of Federico Nanni University of Bologna, Italy Download PDF [2MB]
July 7 Comparing Television Formats: Using Digital Tools for Cross-Cultural Analysis Edward Larkey University of Maryland, USA Download PDF [2MB]
Download PPTX [1.1GB]
July 14 Mining for characterising patterns in literature using correspondence analysis: an experiment on French novels Francesca Frontini, Amine Boukhaled, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris 6; Université Pierre et Marie Curie Download PDF [2.2MB]